A range of HTML email templates to cover various scenarios


Club of the Waves is a personal project of mine. The best thing about this being that I can trial new things, both design and code, and the successes are implemented into new client projects. I send out occasional e-newsletters to 2,000(+) subscribers, advertising new features etc... The content changes each time, sometimes they are image heavy, sometimes text-weighted, sometimes a mix of the two, long, short etc... Different email templates are needed to cover these different scenarios.

Trial & Error

You learn a lot from analytics after sending an HTML email campaign. I advise using a service like Campaign Monitor or MailChimp, which both provide in-depth analytics about what people clicked, open rates etc... You learn what works, and what doesn't. Then you tweak for the next campaign, and so on... Below are various templates with different layouts and techniques that I've trialled...


Creative director
Email build


Club of the Waves


Sept 2010

"Club Of The Waves has a keen eye for really fantastic surf artwork, so it's great to see how Andrew Couldwell managed to capture this in his email design for them."

Campaign Monitor

"He deftly uses alt text and background colors on images; each thumbnail has a background corresponding to its left border color creating a column made up of different colored blocks, making for an interesting design, even without images showing.

"There's something to be said for not using the same link color for each article. It's a bit like a 'which-one-of-these-is-not-like-the-others' puzzle. I can't help but wonder, 'Why is that link yellow?', and I'm tempted to click it just out curiosity.

"The text in the campaign also benefits from tight editing. Less is more. Each text section could only be 3 lines within the narrow column, so I imagine the value of each and every word was weighed. The result is a short email that's easy on the eyes."

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Email templates

Showcased here are a sample of templates designed, built and delivered over the years.