Responsive layouts for Adobe Portfolio — the foundations for creating your own unique website


Responsive layouts (themes/templates) for Adobe Portfolio, a website creator specifically for creatives. We needed to design a small selection of layouts to cover a range of creative fields, with different placements of elements — all intended to be a solid foundation, for the user to select at sign up, populate with projects, customise and make their own.


We searched through Behance to find the best creatives to suit each layout, to be used in all product marketing and to create a live demo site to present each layout. We also needed a naming convention for all the layouts, that was scalable. We loved the idea of naming the layouts after Behance creatives — it typifies what Behance is all about.


Creative director
Web design


Behance & Adobe




Nominated for a Webby Award


Jackie Balzer and Jessica Lizzy — Web development


Square covers allow for interesting crops of your work, with a cool mosaic grid and vertical navigation. Featuring photography by Matthias Heiderich.

Example site at:


Larger cover images are great if you don’t have as many projects, or if you want to show off more detail. Featuring photography by Lina Skukauskė.

Example site at:


The masonry grid structure is ideal if you don't want the constraints of a consistent sized cover image.
Featuring photography by JUCO Photo (Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud)


A mosaic grid and projects that utilize the full canvas of the screen. Let the images do the talking. Featuring design work by Thomas Moeller

Example site at:


Ideal if you don’t plan on showcasing too many projects. Featuring a classic, vertical navigation. Featuring design work by Sawdust

Example site at:


Simple and clean, with a large header area that allows you to add a splash of color, or not, it’s up to you! Featuring illustrations by YemaYema (Mercedes Crespo)

Example site at: