Showcasing surf culture inspired art & photography from around the world


Club of the Waves is a personal project of mine — a labour of love I founded back in 2006. This is the second major re-design of the website since its launch. The website curates an international showcase of artists and photographers whose work focusses on surfing and surf culture.


I considered this project more of a 'reboot' than a re-design. The original site, now archived but still online, was a behemoth of a website with a ton of content I've curated over the years. The content is great, and it was fun to build, but it had become unsustainable to run a website of that scale, while also working full-time, and having a life! You can read more about the process I went through to come to the decision to radically shift the direction and focus of the project here. The new website is stripped back to simply focus on showcasing and discovering artists and photographers. I've experimented with an unconventional approach to navigation, in that there is no typical menu, hamburger or such thing. Instead, I've attempted to build in a number of ways for the user to discover new art and photography, and journey through the site, enjoying the visuals. The original website had nearly 350 artists. The new website launched in October 2017 with only 10 artists, but this number will grow with time. I hope you enjoy the project! Aloha.



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Web design
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Club of the Waves




CSS animations help to enrich the experience as you navigate the art and photography, drawing focus as you navigate.


In my article, Breathing life into digital products, I write about animating websites, citing this website as a working example.