Wireframe concepts for an email platform


In 2013, I was a product designer at a startup in London that built tools for charities (learn more here). Working closely with the two founders of the startup, we iterated on concepts for all sorts of things we either thought charities would benefit from or that charities had told us they would use if we built it. This particular project was one of several things we never built, but it's something I was proud of.


Seen below are wireframes I designed and annotated, exploring what an email platform for charities could be. It enables charities to manage their supporter base, segment them into groups, and create and send email campaigns. The use cases could be anything from a simple CRM (customer relationship management tool) to a powerful tool for targeting specific supporters for fundraising, volunteering opportunities, marketing, and so on.

In addition to what we were learning from our charity partners, the work was also based on my own personal experience of working (in a freelance capacity) with a charity called Surfers Against Sewage (featured in the wireframes below!), and also my experience using platforms like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. This is a product I would have greatly appreciated using.

Note: The references to "on Believe.in" relate to whether a person is also a registered user on one of the startup's other products, which at the time was a social platform.


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Will Cookson and Matthias Metternich, the Founders of Believe.in, who I worked closely with on this project