Designing a product and design system for a beautifully simple events product


Mixily is an NYC startup who are building a product that, in their words is: "Kind of like Facebook Events. But not on Facebook. And better." The whole premise of their product is that's REALLY quick and simple to set up a beautiful events web page for your business or personal event — that you can share, including RSVP, and the option to sell tickets.


This project required an audit of what the client currently had in development, to identify what to focus on first. In the end, working directly with the founder of the startup, I created a basic design system that could scale to meet the product's modular and responsive design needs. Product design of the user-facing interface to create and manage an event page. And web design for the final event page that consumers ultimately see.


Creative direction
Design lead
Product design
Product audit
Design system


July 2020