Design and build of a responsive marketing website for a gaming startup


Zelos is a Los Angeles based startup who create innovative products for gamers to get the most out of — and be rewarded for — playing games they love.


Our first project together was a re-design of a product that gives gamers insights into their gameplay and rewards them for their in-game achievements. Showcased here is a simple one-page responsive website I designed and built to market that product. P.S. The link to the website is hosted on my website to showcase the front-end web development — the product itself was sunsetted in favour of developing other, bigger products.



Creative director
Web design
Front-end build


September 2020

Responsive website

The hero area on desktop features a popular character the target audience will recognize from the games the product tracks. These mockups feature two alternative designs, one with Juggernaut from DOTA 2, which was later replaced with Phoenix from Valorant as the client wanted to focus more on a different game. While the character is impactful on desktop, it would take up far too much screen estate on mobile, so the focus switches to the title and call to action on mobile.

CSS animation

Subtle animation of the titles and text as you scroll to the different elements helps to elevate a simple one-page website and focus the audience's attention on the content. The 4 steps introduce what the product offers and the image carousel simply lists the games you can connect.