Design of several e-newsletters, from marketing, to news and notifications, for a social charity platform

Project are a tech startup in London that I started working with in April 2013, as part of a very talented and passionate team of designers & developers. To support the various fundraising and donation activity on the site and promote new features and announcements, a suite of email templates was needed to cover various scenarios.


I designed and built a range of templates that could work with the different theme colours of the brand, different imagery, content and scenarios. Some are more bespoke than others. Dynamic templates used for account notifications had to be very flexible. These emails are sent to a mixture of users of the platform, hundreds of thousands of charities in Europe, and the press/media.


Email build
Templates setup in MailChimp



2013 - 2014

Email templates

Showcased here are a sample of the templates designed, built and delivered over the course of a couple of years. You can see the progression of the brand and product offering.