A campaign calling on the UK public to break their bag habit, by pledging to refuse single use bags


A shocking 10.6 billion single use bags will be given out at shops in England before the new Government bag charge comes into force on 1st October 2015. The average person in England uses 133 bags per year. In an effort to offset the environmental impacts from this unnecessary delay in implementing the bag charge the Break The Bag Habit website encourages the UK public to pledge to stop using single use bags TODAY.


The website calculates how many bags the average person will use between the date of taking the pledge and 1st October 2015. From all these individual pledges, the website then calculates the overall number of single use bags the campaign will offset. Upon taking the pledge the user is redirected to a thank you page (and sent an HTML email) with plenty of options to share their involvement, and also tweet a campaign message to their favourite UK supermarket, challenging them to support the campaign!


Creative director
Front and back-end build.


Surfers Against Sewage


March 2014


The three 'Killer Bags' images are by photographer Martin Brent

One pager campaign website

The campaign website leads with the three stunning Killer Bags images by photographer Martin Brent, along with the overall campaign intro and statistic of the (current) total number of bags that have been offset as a result of the pledges thus far.

The pledge + the maths

The pledge form is powered by Campaign Monitor. Each pledge (name and email) is collected by Campaign Monitor and a custom field (value) is added to each of these pledges for the total number of bags a person will offset by pledging now, today. This number is calculated by first finding out the number of days between today and 1st October 2015, then multiplying it by the national average number of bags used per person, per day in the UK (based on real statistics). All these variable numbers, stored as custom fields, are then added together and an overall campaign total is generated — of the number of bags effectively prevented from polluting the environment, by everyone who took the pledge!

The campaign story

Tiles that link off-site to articles on the Surfers Against Sewage website, telling the back story of the campaign to date. Mixed in with these articles are a number of campaign images that the user is encouraged to share to promote the campaign.

e.g. Click here to tweet an image and campaign message!

Thank you!

Upon taking the pledge the user is redirected to this page, where they are told how many bags they will personally stop from entering the environment by sticking to their pledge, and the total number of bags offset by everyone else who has taken the pledge + their own contribution!


There are numerous different ways to share the campaign, from the main pledge website, to the thank you page, to the thank you (HTML) email. Tailored campaign messages are encouraged to be shared via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and by email, in a variety of different ways, with varying imagery and campaign messaging.

e.g. Click here to tweet a campaign message!


A personalised thank you HTML email is automatically sent to the pledger, with more links to share quickly and easily — with additional prompts to tweet your favourite supermarket, telling them you've taken the pledge, and that they should join you!

e.g. For Tesco, you would tweet this (click here!)