A responsive campaign website about plastic bottle pollution

The problem

Single-use plastic bottles can take more than 450 years to fragment into microplastics, harming marine life on the way. Introducing a simple circular economy Deposit Return System could help almost eliminate plastic bottles and other containers littering our precious blue and green spaces, ensuring they are returned to the manufacturer for reuse or recycling, protecting our environment, saving a valuable resource and saving local authorities money.

Campaign website

This is an environmental campaign run by UK charity, Surfers Against Sewage calling for Deposit Return Systems to be introduced in the UK. The brief was to design and build a simple responsive website that educates the public on the problem and present them with various ways to help, including a poll/petition, things they can do, and various social media actions. All in the interest of education, awareness, and to present evidence of public support for this radical system shift to trap plastic in the economy, not the environment. The results of the petition are used to lobby UK government, inspiring change.


Creative Director


Surfers Against Sewage


August 2016


You may notice the large letters spelling 'bottle', fragmented down the page. They were part of the initial design. While I really liked the quirkiness and character they brought to the design, I chose to leave them out during the build phase as I felt they didn't feel right in the live website.

Sign the petition

A form powered by Campaign Monitor, like all campaigns I've created for Surfers Against Sewage over the years. Through our work together we've discovered that the 'signatures' we get from these campaigns are very powerful in lobbying government, to affect change. Also, since all details are stored in lists in Campaign Monitor, they are actionable for sending campaign updates (if they opted into updates of course), and educating on the charities other initiatives — turning one-time visitors into active supporters/members.

How can you help?

To make the things you can do to help clear and simple I gave each step plenty of room to breathe — approximately 100% of the browser height. As each step scrolls into view/position the images subtly slide in from the edge of the browser, drawing focus to each step. Each step is actionable with a simple explanation and call to action.